$1.50 headphone hanger

I spent months and months, and way too much time, looking at computer headphone hangers on AliExpress. The prices were lower than Amazon, and local computer stores, but still way too expensive.

I probably picked up four or five clothes hooks or door hangers and the like at dollar stores hoping they’d do the trick.

I went to a few hardware stores. The didn’t have anything that would work.

I wasted my time.

I should have been looking in the garden section of the dollar store.

This $1.50 hanging basket hanger, painted iron designed for exterior use, is good!

$1.50 heaphones hanger from Dollarama

Dollarama headphones hook

The screws it came with were a bit too long for drilling into my swivel shelf’s wood, so I dug up some old smaller wood screws I had, and it seems to have worked just fine!

headphones hanging from Jerker swivel shelf

Getting Creative

Getting Creative

I mean, we we all need a pair of headphones, but this dude has at least six.

Notice he’s got two Ikea Jerker version 1s, both in Birch. One is all shelf. One is setup as a standing desk.

A real nice setup.

There’s some sort of custom stabilizer in use under the standing desk (see the big white thing?). Looks like he’s also drilled a hole for the mouse. And at the bottom there’s a standing mat.

I use one for my Jerker standing setup too. Highly recommended.

Baby’s got back

I’m not one for cable management, but…

just look at this gorgeous back

Baby's Got Back

holding all those cables, there’s an IKEA “SIGNUM” Cable management, horizontal, silver color, 27 ½ ” (70 cm)

this Jerker has managed to make me super-envious of that tight Ikea Jerker “CPU Holder” – look at that thing, it looks BOLTED ON, not strapped on! So tight.

And there’s a compact little printer down there atop a “Swing Shelf” (Hinged Printer Shelf)

I really dig this setup. Makes me want someone to manage my cables.

a gorgeous JERKER setup

Most colourful Jerker

spotted this a while ago, been thinking about it A LOT.

Other than the very lucky kitty, and that comfy looking chair (suitable for the KING of desks, it’s from Noble Chairs), there’s the obligatory beauty of that Ikea Jerker version 2 in Birch

But wait, other than the bright decor, this setup has some very nifty gear.

At the very top you’ve got the: IKEA “ALEX Add-on unit” Add-on unit, white, 47 1/4×3 7/8 ” (120×10 cm)

Under it the: IKEA “EKBY ALEX” Shelf with drawers, white, 46 7/8×11 3/8 ” (119×29 cm)

The main monitor is an ultrawide, probably a 34″, probably an LG (I know because I have two of them myself!)

And, there’s something that looks like a stream deck, just above the keyboard – I’d like to know what that is myself – as it looks too cool!

Height extension hack

I don’t know why anybody hasn’t thought of this before! This height extension hack obviously requires some tools, maybe a drill, a grinder, a metal saw, and some metal (maybe this dude recycled the Ikea CPU Holder that nobody uses), maybe or maybe it’s just some spare metal the dude had lying around and a lick of paint – I’m not sure. But this is a technique we should all take note of for future Jerker projects, I mean just look at these pictures!

Ikea Jerker height extention hack


Modded keyboard tray for Ikea Jerker v. 2

James B. sent in some pics of a heavy duty keyboard tray that he bought when he bought his birch Jerker Version 2 from Ikea.

James B.'a  Jerker Keyboard Tray

James B.'a  Jerker Keyboard Tray

James B.'a  Jerker Keyboard Tray

The birch plywood is a later addition. James writes:

“When, bought my desk in the early 2000s, I bought a keyboard extension arm at the same time from Ikea. It slides in and out and swivels….I added the piece of plywood for a nice flat surface wide enough to also hold my mouse but it will hold the keyboard by itself.”

We don’t have a model name but this thing looks as sturdy as the Jerker itself!