USB Powered Hubs on a Jerker

I used to plug-in all my USB devices straight into my computer, until it wouldn’t boot anymore because of lack of power. My tiny Shuttle would just sit there with a black screen until I unplugged some of the USB devices stealing all the electricity. The solution was a powered USB hub which does not depend on the CPU for power.

I would recommend at least a 10 bay USB hub as I have gone past 10 devices several times. I have many USB devices, a keyboard, two mice, two phones, headphones, modem, fan, memory sticks, speakers, joystick, and six external hard drives.
Ikea Jerker swing arm with wood for mounting a USB hub

I took the top off of an Ikea Jerker swing shelf and mounted a two by four piece of wood 8 inches long in place of the shelf. Note the two small black screws which hold the USB hub.


Active powered USB hub on a Jerker swing arm

Here is the powered up USB hub with a lit up LED for each device to indicate that the device is getting power. You can also quickly shut them all off with a single power switch.



Hidden powered USB hub on Ikea Jerker swing arm

Now to swing the USB hub out of the way.


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