Side Shelf for Ikea Jerker Desk

When I wake up I eat cereal and drink coffee in front of my Ikea Jerker desk as I read the online news. I try not to spill but I am human, so I decided to make a side shelf take all the abuse instead.

Mounted side shelf on an Ikea Jerker desk

The side shelf is mounted on the right side of the Jerker, and is easily strong enough to eat bacon and eggs on. I got the curved piece of wood in the “as-is” aisle at Ikea. Color doesn’t match though.

Bottom of side shelf mounted to Ikea Jerker desk, showing five holding bolts

Underneath the shelf there are five bolts holding up the shelf. The screws are threaded into the supporting metal of the Ikea Jerker desk with a tap.

To ensure everything lines up

  1. drill a small hole through the wood shelf that will accept the correct tap for bolt thread
  2. drill a small hole through the just drilled hole, as a guide, into the bottom of the metal support bar
  3. thread hole in metal
  4. drill the small hole in the wood shelf slightly larger to enable bolt to slide through without resistance
  5. mount wood shelf with ALL previously drilled holes with bolts threaded into the metal support onto the Jerker desk
  6. repeat at step one


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