Make Your Own Ikea Jerker Shelves

Do you need a place for all your USB hard drives that is close and easy to access on your Ikea Jerker? How about making your own shelf, for about $10, with two Ikea’s Ekby Töre brackets.

Ekby Tor table top bracket

The Ekby Töre tightens with a very small hex key from below onto your Jerker desktop. You will also need two small wood screws for each bracket, four total, to fasten the wood to the bracket.


Ekby Jarpen/Ekby Tore combination set of a shelf with 2 brackets

If you want the sleek Ikea look, instead of using some scrap wood, for $20, you can get a nice shelf along with two brackets and save yourself some time with the Ekby Järpen/Ekby Töre combo.

Two USB hard drives on a shelf at the back of an Ikea Jerker desktop held up by two Ekby Tore brackets

I scoured the “as-is” aisle at Ikea again and got this nice piece of wood, for a dollar, to put my USB hard drives onto.


A monitor hiding a shelf on the back of an Ikea Jerker

With the monitor, on a swing arm, the shelf is out of mind but ready for quick use if need be.


2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Ikea Jerker Shelves”

  1. in my opinion the real “problem” with the jerker series has always been how they shelves mount to the sturdy legs via this thin piece of metal thats just floating in between other peices of metal (on the end of the metal part that actually screws onto the shelf itself;

    is there anyone thats come up with an alernate way of attaching shelves ? i see all these trival 3d printed things but no real functional peice? like i would think someone would make a peice that can attach to a piece of wood and then screw into the side of the desk? but i havent come across such a piece yet in my browsing

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