Vista Monitor Mount SMD271 on an Ikea Jerker leg

I’m working on a project to turn an old computer (and an Ikea Jerker Storage Unit/Printer Shelf) into a standup desk. This will basically be a short task machine – you know, get some torrents going on it and walk away. I figure it will be good for testing internet connections – a minor supplement to a daily workhorse that is a standup or sitdown Jerker.

Anyway, I’ve started the process of assembly and along the way I thought I’d add some details about my go to Ikea Jerker monitor mount. But first I needed a monitor…

Here’s the $10 monitor I picked up at a local thrift store:

$10 monitor

Next, I went to TopTech/Open Box in Coquitlam, British Columbia (it’s in Henderson Place Mall) and picked up a $35 monitor mount that works right out of the box with Ikea Jerker leg hole patterns.

Labeled “VISTA LCD MOUNTING BRACKET SMD271” this thing is made of metal – not steel nor iron – maybe aluminum (but it feels pretty heavy for aluminum).

Here’s the photos:

$35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount

To attach the mount to the leg I picked up some bolts and wingnuts at Rona (a local hardware store). It went together really fast. With wingnuts you can re-position your monitor very easily, no tools required.

$35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount $35 monitor mount

Am I the first one to have thought of using an Ikea Jerker storage shelf as a standing desk? If not, send me photos of yours.

2 thoughts on “Vista Monitor Mount SMD271 on an Ikea Jerker leg”

  1. Huh, brilliant. I know I have a mount like that somewhere, and would love to try this too.

    My family (my dad in particular) have been big fans of the Jerkers, and have at least a few of each of the v1 and v2. Loving the site, great stuff! (we’re from Vancouver too!)

  2. Is there a reason you picked that specific monitor arm? I can’t find it anywhere, and I was wondering if that one was special in terms of how it fit the Jerker legs.

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