Hang Your Head-phones on Your Jerker

A set of headphones hanging on a Jerker desk legWould “layabout” describe your headset? Are its wires tangling with a bad crowd on your Jerker desktop? If so, then consider a hanger, (that is not really a hanger) for your headphones.

An upside down Ikea Kvartal is all you need to keep your desk clear. Banana holders, hangers, and hammocks belong elsewhere.



An empty headset hanger on an Ikea Jerker desk leg

Basically, any small long bolt will attach the clean looking Kvartal onto a Jerker’s leg.





An almost attached Kvartal on the outside of an Ikea Jerker side leg

This closeup shows how the hanger comes apart to hide the fastener. A tightening set-screw on top holds everything together.





A Kvartal not attached to a Jerker workstation desk

This is what the Platonic Form
of a Kvartal looks like.


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