Long Monitor Mount Arms on an Ikea Jerker

The Long Arm of the Jerker can help you follow the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s ergonomic guidelines. The preferred viewing distance is between 20 and 40 inches from the eye to the front surface of the computer screen. The top of the monitor should be at or slightly below eye level.

Sideways view of a monitor attached to a Jerker with a long monitor mount

Here are two monitor mounts morphed into a single long arm. The arms come apart and together like Lego with the aid of a hex key. Sometimes holes have to be drilled in the aluminum monitor mount base to match the existing holes in the Jerker leg for fastening.


Monitor suspended above Jerker desktop, centered left to right

This monitor is two inches past the center of the Jerker desk, left to right.

Tilting the monitor is easy, however vertical adjustments are predicated on the 1 1/4″ hole spacing on the Jerker legs.


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