Ikea Jerker Drawer Unit

The Ikea Jerker drawer unit, designed to be used with the long desk, and the storage unit, is perhaps the rarest Ikea Jerker add-on made.

Ikea Jerker Drawer Unit Dimensions

Dimensions: 16.5″ x 15.75″ x 11.375″

Made of real wood and painted silver, it bolts into the bottoms of the either a steel storage rack, or a desk frame. It originally sold for about $50.

Here’s how it looks:

Ikea Jerker Drawer Unit mounted under a desk

Ikea Jerker Storage Unit with Drawers

I don’t have very much experience with the drawer unit, a friend’s mom has a set, but I’d like to get my hands on one, two, or maybe three sets.

If you have a set please let me how you like it. Do you use it? What do you keep in it? Would you redesign any element of it? Does it need handles?

14 thoughts on “Ikea Jerker Drawer Unit”

    1. do you still have the manual? i like to know what bolds i need to use to bold on the drawers to the desk. Thanks!

  1. This is a component I’ve taken for granted. Stationary in one drawer, paperwork in the other. You say it’s rare? Well, I’ve treated mine like it’s one of a kind regardless. 🙂 The snappy shutting action is satisfying. Space is just right. A very functional drawer unit. And no, handles are not needed – never even considered it.

  2. Hi I have a jerker desk which I bought in about 2004 or so. I have the 2-drawer unit, which I finally decided I want to remove. I want to use the desk as a two-computer setup, but having the drawer on one-side makes it a bit uncomfortable to slide my chair under.

    Only trouble is, I can’t figure out how to remove it. There aren’t any obvious bolts, or any ways to get the drawers out. I cant remember how I put it together.

    1. The drawers come out when you release them from the rails. Look under the drawer to see the slide-out locking plates.

  3. Hey there. Got my first jerker desk about a year ago. I found a printer shelf on craigslist in vancouver. I took it home and clamped one leg to my desk and drilled some holes in it. Now it is attached to my desk with just one leg! I think it’s pretty cool. Email me if you would like to see it

  4. I just got a long desk and the drüber from a friend. I Don’t have the slightest idea how to install the drawer. Does anybody have a piece of advice or the instruction for me?

    1. I would like some direction as well on this.
      My ex was the one who knew how to attach these drawers to the desk and there is definitely no obvious way to figure it out just by looking @ it. I need some feedback and experience shared on this please!
      Thanks 🙂

      1. The bolts go into the steel support frame from underneath. It is necessary to invert the desk in order to add or remove the drawer unit. Ask for help, the jerker is quite heavy for one person to lift and maneuver.

  5. I have a printer shelf and just got a set of drawers – but without screws. What size/type screw are you supposed to use to mount the drawer? I can get replacements at Lowes or Home Depot I imagine if I knew which ones to get.

    1. I haven’t got a good look at the drawers, hoping to do that. Get all the measurements and figure it all out.

  6. I’m surprised I don’t see any mention of the metal wire baskets that were sold as accessories for the Jerker series. We have multiple sets and they are wonderful. I guess based on the lack of mention here that the baskets may actually be the rarest accessories. The drawer kits are nice, though.

    1. Brenden I think you are correct. I’ve never seen the metal wire baskets (the ones that stick out horizontally rather than the CD and Magazine ones that hang down). Jerker Searcher is a hobby passion project – designed to be a place to collect and revere the Volkswagen Beetle of desks – but real life gets in the way sometimes.

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