Ikea Jerker bookends (!?)

Here’s an Ikea Jerker accessory (if real) that I’ve never seen before.

Listed in a craigslist ad as “originally for Jerker unit” I think they’re actually not, but they may be a discontinued item that fits Jerker shelves.

Have a look:

Craigslist ad for Ikea Jerker bookends

Based on the image, I suspect that they’re actually the Ikea Inreda “Bookends” (circa 2008):

Inreda Bookends and Magazine Ends (circa 2008)

Does anyone have a set?

Do they actually fit Ikea Jerker top shelves?

2 thoughts on “Ikea Jerker bookends (!?)”

  1. They weren’t exclusively for the jerker, but they do fit. They fit a lot of other ikea shelves too. Billy bookcase for example.

    I’ve actually had them on my bookshelf for years. It was only reading this just now that I realized they’d fit my Jerker.

    All hair Jerker.

  2. An all hair Jerker, eh?


    Perhaps you meant “ALL HAIL JERKER!”

    On the other hand King Jerker probably was a very hairy king.

    Seriously though, thanks Tony. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some, I’d love to try a pair.

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