the Ikea Jerker keyboard drawer (there wasn’t one)

Okay so there is no “Jerker” branded keyboard drawer – people sometimes say there is, like in the ad for the one pictured below:




Now this is an Ikea product, and it seems to fit under Jerker, but it is actually a “Summera” (product number 10035) keyboard drawer, and it was designed to fit various older Ikea desks. Some of the Summera product line is still around – as are the Signum desk accessories (which were mostly designed for GALANT and MICKE desks).

But to my mind, the question is: Is this the keyboard drawer you should use with your Jerker?

None of my Jerkers have (or have had) a keyboard tray. Do they need them?

Previous desks I’ve owned have actually had decent built in keyboard trays but they also have had room for a mouse and a mouse pad (or even a Forminco “Mouse Arena”) – I’m thinking the Summera design just looks a little too wimpy.

On the other hand, the Galant desk below looks pretty good all kitted out with a Summera keyboard tray and Summera CPU hanger.

Summera accessories on a Galant

By the way, did you notice the size of the keyboard? It’s one of those compact ones.

Have you had any experience with the Summera tray on a Jerker? Or, have you come up with one of your own or maybe built one?

I don’t think I’m actually in the market, but if I were were looking to modify my Jerkers with a Keyboard tray I’d go with something substantial, like this Ergotron design:

Ergotron Keyboard Tray Arm

The the Ergotron’s mounting bracket wouldn’t automatically fit into the Jerker leg hole pattern I think a little drilling might solve that.

3 thoughts on “the Ikea Jerker keyboard drawer (there wasn’t one)”

  1. I have the Summera keyboard tray on my Jerker and it works well. The first keyboard tray I used with my Jerker was an IKEA telescoping tray that broke within a few months, the Summera tray has lasted me several years and I like the ergonomics and uncluttered desk much more than when I placed my keyboard on my desk directly.

  2. I have the Summera tray as well. With a full size mechanical keyboard and mouse there is not a whole lot of space left but completely workable. I would suggest a kb with no 10 key to optimize the space better.

  3. When, bought my desk in the early 2000s, I bought a keyboard extension arm at the same time from Ikea. It slides in and out and swivels. I’d be glad to send a picture to you.

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