a look at the Ikea Jerker height extension connectors

The Ikea Jerker height extension kit came with two of these, item number “106213” as it was called in the official Ikea Jerker version 1 instructions manual.

Ikea Jerker Connectors (from a version 1 desk)

Here are three scans of a version 2 connector (from the side, the front and a bottom):

Ikea Jerker height extension connector Version 2

Ikea Jerker height extension connector Version 2

Ikea Jerker height extension connector Version 2

In either case they have nearly the same dimensions and are designed to allow you to add leg extensions for added top shelf verticality. For the version 2 Ikea Jerker desk, two came with every box that looked like this:

Ikea Jerker Version 2 Height Extension Kit (and Top Shelf)erkerbox2

As Jerkers themselves become harder and harder to find it is the little things, like these plastic connectors (and the hard to find bolts that inspired this website), that get even more scarce.

So, with this post I am documenting the size, shape, and design of the “106213” connector. I hope this will be useful for the 3d printing crowd, and/or for an experienced woodworker to maybe play around with.

Ikea Jerker height extension connector piece dimensions

The original “height extension connector” (aka the “106213”) is made of polyproploene plastic (that’s number 5 on the recycling chart), and is basically a hollow box with exterior dimensions of the interior of a Jerker leg.

When properly placed, the height extension connector can be pushed down into the top of a leg until the connector reaches its halfway point where when what I’m calling the “lip” will prevent it from going too far down. Then, eight nuts, previously placed into both ends of the connector can be bolted into place and provide a secure and mostly wobble free upper story (or two) to your Ikea Jerker (btw, it may be the case that newer version 2 connectors have a more wobble free design – but I have not done enough studies to confirm this).

As you can see with the bottom view of my illustration (pictured above) there hollow “racecar” shape on the inside of the version 1 (and a kind of boxier version in the version 2). Harder to see, in my digital reconstruction, are the chamfered edges at the top and bottom that allow the connector to start easy.

You may also have noted some suspicious-looking packing tape placed over the ends of the black extension connectors. These are my own idea, with the intention of preventing my nuts from falling out and running down my leg.

Yeah, you can laugh, but this is serious Jerker life, and I’ve had my nuts fall down my legs (perhaps because the old polypropylene retainers have been aging).

Anyway, to avoid your own nut loss I recommend you place a piece of packing tape on the bottom of your own connectors (but be sure to puncture the holes you’ve covered up with the tape so as to make it easier for your bolts to screw into the nuts).

In addition, here is the proper placement from the instructional cutaway:

Height Extension Connector Instructions from the Ikea Jerker version 1 manual

In case you were wondering, life without extension connectors gets very complicated and less space efficient, looking something like this:

heightening an Ikea Jerker without plastic connectors

For more on how I did this hack, look at my post entitled Heightening Your Ikea Jerker The Hard Way.

17 thoughts on “a look at the Ikea Jerker height extension connectors”

  1. Hmmm .. I have access to a CAD system and a buddy with a 3D printer. I’ll check with him and see what we can figure out.

  2. If you have the opposing extension on the opposing side you can still put a shelf in there, it’ll just be off centered, and if you have no other options thats acceptable i would think.

  3. Has anyone figured out a source for the same “rectangular tubing” that the desk is made of? 3d printing the couplers would be a breeze.

  4. I have 3D modelled up the whole JErker desk and accessories if anyone is interested. It could be used to 3D print if needed.

      1. I’m sorry. I haven’t been on in a while. I will put the desk model somewhere that it can be downloaded. Any suggestions?

    1. can u post a link please? it’s may 2019 now i really wish you had of left a url of some sort? does anyone else have 3d print model of the extension piece?

  5. Thank you for this informative site.
    I was inspired to try and fabricate the Connector 106213.
    Do you know wear to get the 11 hole or shorter extenders?

    1. I just found a set on a Craiglist desk. Some sell them for 25 with many accessories. I peel off the parts I want and sell the plain deal for 75.

    2. I have purchased Jerkers from Craigslist. I just took the extra legs and cut extensions to the length I want. Just make sure the holes measure the same from the end of the tube. I used a Mikita 4″ grinder with a cutting wheel. Go slowly so it doesn’t burn the paint. I also purchased endcaps from Amazon. They were black so I painted to match.

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