$1.50 headphone hanger

I spent months and months, and way too much time, looking at computer headphone hangers on AliExpress. The prices were lower than Amazon, and local computer stores, but still way too expensive.

I probably picked up four or five clothes hooks or door hangers and the like at dollar stores hoping they’d do the trick.

I went to a few hardware stores. The didn’t have anything that would work.

I wasted my time.

I should have been looking in the garden section of the dollar store.

This $1.50 hanging basket hanger, painted iron designed for exterior use, is good!

$1.50 heaphones hanger from Dollarama

Dollarama headphones hook

The screws it came with were a bit too long for drilling into my swivel shelf’s wood, so I dug up some old smaller wood screws I had, and it seems to have worked just fine!

headphones hanging from Jerker swivel shelf

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