Why I switched from Ikea Jerker Version 1 to Version 2

My last Ikea Jerker Version 1 desk

When I started using Ikea Jerkers (or collecting them might be a better way of putting it) I started with the Version 1. I paid $200 for it and collected about five or six (or maybe seven) after that. I ultimately settled on the “birch” coloured one, in part because I liked it better, in part because it’s legs always came in grey (the same colour as all version 2 legs). But at some point in my Jerker journey I decided to make the switch from Version 1 to Version 2. And here’s why:

Ikea Jerker version 1 desktop sitting upside down on a version 2 desktop

That’s my old Ikea Jerker version 1 desktop sitting inverted atop my then new first version 2 desktop. Can you see the size difference? The version 2 is wider and deeper.

I loved the pull out arms of the Version 1. [btw, the big drill hole at the center of the back of the Version 1 desktop was my addition and not a built in feature]

Ikea Jerker Version 1, arms extended and inverted on top of an Ikea Jerker Version 2

But, as you can see, while they get you closer to the desk (and look awesome) when they’re extended they don’t ultimately increase your desktop area as much as the Version 2 can.

Further, the Version 1 legs are somewhat troublesome (being both shorter and deeper) they take up valuable floorspace and don’t offer as much secure verticality as the Version 2 legs.

Check out one of my 2013 Version 1 builds (below) and note how close to the desktop the top of the leg ends are and how it thus requires more extensions and more connections (and thus more concomitant floppiness).

My 2013 Ikea Jerker Version 1 setup

Have a look at the replacement, my first Version 2 just as I was setting up and note the increased desktop space. [BTW, just to it’s left is a hybrid construction connecting multiple Ikea Jerker 1 shelves with a pair of Ikea Jerker Version 2 legs]

My first Ikea Jerker Version 2 build

I love the version one, but can see little reason to actually use it myself. Do you have a story regarding your preference for the Version 1 to the Version 2 or vice versa?

8 thoughts on “Why I switched from Ikea Jerker Version 1 to Version 2”

  1. i’d never heard of jerker desks till a week ago when i saw one on ebay and realised it would be perfect for suporting my keyboards and associated music gear. it. sold for £31, intreaged i watched for another one and a week later won one for 99p. its a v2 and i love it. i realy wanted the swing arm platforms for some speakers so kept an eye on ebay for some , a week later another came up for sale , a v1 with swing arms, again i won it for 99p with the intention of tacking the swing arms for myself and sellimng on the remaining desk. i have just been and collected it and am wondering which i am going to prefur as i like the large expanse of the v2 desktop but also like the pull out extentions on the v1. i suspect i shall prefure the v2 but am going to see if i can attatch the pullout extentions some how. i can see this desk lasting me for a very long time 🙂

    1. I’m still using my black/beech “Version 1” every day and I’ve had it since 1993/94. Built like a tank!

      Sadly Ikea’s product range has become less practical and cheaper in construction, the 90s really was the peak.

  2. Does anyone still use version 1 and notice that the main desk is leaning down/sagging? my version 2 is still level but mine and a friends version 1 are not holding up as well and definitely not level anymore.

    1. Interesting idea. They’re on tracks that are bolted to the bottoms – it MIGHT be possible – I’d like to see someone try it!

  3. if you are using ergotron arms..
    ergotron makes an aluminum adapter bracket (Ergotron 97-101-003 Wall Mount Bracket Kit) that the wall mount will screw to, I drilled it so I could bolt that piece to the jerker upright holes… then bolted the ergotron wall mount bracket to that..
    if you are accurate with drilling and tapping you could make your own plate

  4. I used to have two Jerker V2 in my flat since 2019 when I first read about it (on this wonderful website). One V2 was for me and one for my girlfriend then. There is even a third one put apart just for spare reasons (and for the screws, which are hard to get otherwise).

    Since I live alone now, I wouldn’t need both of my desks but I decided to keep them. One stayed for work and one for hobbystuff (repairing fishing poles). At least as off today, because I got some nice furniture from my neighbour and the combination doesn’t fit in the free space between one side of the V1 and the next wall. That’s why I’m going to “downgrade” and exchange one of my V2s for a V1 (that currently lies in the basement) – just because it is 10 centimetres (about 4 inches) smaller in width than the V2.

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