A look at the Ikea Jerker CPU Holder (that nobody really uses) and alternatives

Ikea Jerker CPU HOLDER in use

The Ikea CPU Holder (that nobody uses), is great in theory.

It’s official product number was: 400.306.27 – made of steel, built in the Czech Republic.


I have a few of them, but I almost never use them.

That said, your computer should NOT be on the floor. What with all the air blowing and the electricity flowing a computer is a dust magnet. On the floor your PC will suck up ever stray hair and bit of dust kicked up by your feet. Bad idea.

Instead of the CPU holder I mostly use the swing shelves to hold my PCs. They’re sturdy, can hold your PC without an elaborate and ungainly unstrapping process. But, if space is tight, and or you don’t have a free swing arm I guess you can use a CPU Holder. Am I wrong about this? This thing is basically a stupid product isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s a photo of a pair of my PCs on a swing arm. I bought these towers a while ago.

My most recent PC is in a smaller tower (deliberately chosen so as to be more compact under the desk) and in use under a standing desk setup. Here’s a pic of that:

Mini Tower on Ikea Jerker Swing Arm

2 PCs on an Ikea Jerker swing shelf

the CPU Holder is also a stupid name for this thing, why is it a “Central Processing Unit” holder? Shouldn’t it be a computer holder? Or a PC holder? Or a tower mount? Or something?

How do you mount your PC on your Jerker?

11 thoughts on “A look at the Ikea Jerker CPU Holder (that nobody really uses) and alternatives”

  1. One of my CPU cases is one of those big Antec Twelve Hundreds and so it almost has to be on the floor. I am looking for some extra Jerkers on Craigslist to use for modifying to a side shelf like shown in the picture to set it on.

  2. I use it as holder for my Wacom tablet, with a couple of magnet as stoppers for the wacom to lean on. Mounted on the outside of the Jerker. 🙂

  3. I actually did use the CPU holder for a while with my previous computer and it worked great! It kept the tower off the ground and near the AC unit so it got plenty of cold air. It also makes it easy to route and hide cables.

    Since then I’ve moved to having two Jerkers beside each other. One in standing mode for my main monitor, the other for holding my computer and being a sitting desk for me or friends. It works out quite well.


  4. lol, love your site.

    I have 2 of these myself, and i used to actually hold my desktops with them but have no relegated them to holding external drives and other small items that aren’t that important.

    1. i have 2 if you’re still looking to buy, shoot me an email “chiu pac” (one word no space no quotes) at the gmail.com

  5. Lovely site! 🙂 I buy used Jerkers, but I’m still anxious to put my desktop on this little shelf. Do you know what weight those little side shelfs are able to hold?

    Thanks Chris

    1. Good question, the CPU holders are steel. But I dont know what the weight rating for it is. The swing shelf, if I recall aright is, 70lbs.

  6. The CPU holder can accommodate more than just standard computer boxes.

    I’ve used it to mount cable modems, wi-fi, and my network-attached storage (NAS). My wireless landline can even be hung using strategically-drilled holes—the sheetmetal is tall enough to mount multiple items.

    The sheetmetal shelf is easily placed anywhere about a Jerker. Drill into the CPU holder and spare the desk.

    Oh, if anyone is wondering what to do with those old wire file/folder racks specially made for Jerker? Again, great place to stash a cable modem or other rectangular boxed computer hardware. If it fits, it will sit nicely on the side out of the way.

    1. Yeah I use the big wire magazine folders for both my router and my modem!

      And I really like the idea of drilling custom holes into the CPU holder!

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