Cable Mismanagement on an Ikea Jerker version 2 in Standup Desk configuration (Birch)

I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos about desk setups. They usually talk about how “clean” a PC desk setups looks – and often they will shame setups with messy cables.

This really seems to be a thing – they’ll point out when a desk with a tangle of cables showing and they make it sound like it is somehow a moral failing or something.

But I am not ashamed, at least not very much. Here’s what my current standup-desktop looks like:

Ikea Jerker version 2 - Stand-up Desk in birch

In fact, I’m not convinced there’s any reason to really seriously worry about what the the underside (or backside) of my desk looks like. As long as the cables don’t get caught between my toes, or in the vacuum cleaner or whatever, why should I care if you can see my cables?

I think you’re actually just making work for yourself by securing all those cables into neat little bundles. Me, I’m always in there swapping new parts or devices in and out.

I’m not afraid to show my cable management system.

Behold it here, just hanging out loose for everyone to see, an uncropped photo of my standup desk in all its tangly shame:

Ikea Jerker version 2 in birch - Stand-up Desk Mode - Cable Mismanagement

Is anyone else out there willing to admit that spending more than a couple of minutes managing your cables is really just a waste of time?

5 thoughts on “Cable Mismanagement on an Ikea Jerker version 2 in Standup Desk configuration (Birch)”

  1. I just wanted to point out the most perfect cable management possible with the jerker is to put a “peg board” from home depot underneath the main shelf/surface of the desk. I mounted this and although it is tedious, you can ziptie cable modems, routers, power strips, all cabling, etc. via this method and then cable-tie down one of the risers to an outlet. I don’t have any pictures of this, but the dimensions inside of the underside frame of the main shelf perfectly allow for the silver-painted peg board segment sold at Home Depot for just a couple bucks. It is a fantastic custom idea and although it is more of a permanent cabling arrangement that can be annoying to manipulate or edit over time, it does sucessfully hide almost any slack in almost any cable you have from any device on your Jerker.

  2. Sounds pretty good Matt. Would love a picture. If it were on hinges or a drawer (for a standing desk maybe) it’d be the ultimate solution. Most of the cable management stuff I see on YouTube is fetishistic and slavish to appearances for my lifestyle.

  3. Consider this. You have an already impressive, modular desk. Obviously you like to show it off. I like to show mine on occasion, but let it more or less show itself. Some velcro and a half hour not only improves anesthetics but increases workspace and ergonomics. Cable management is often overlooked.

    My model came with a wire rack to mount underneath. It’s only partially mounted, yet ensures cables and feet and low equipment do not intersect. There’s a certain contentment that good cable management instills.

  4. There is a guy in coquitlam in bc that had 2 jerker printer shelves. I got one for $20 and he has 1 left. Search ikea computer desk. His ad should be near the top

  5. I just took one of those 3′ wire shelves you mount in a closet and mounted it upside down under my Jerker desktop. It’s great. I used wire ties to mount powerstrips and hubs. I run all the wiring between the wire shelf and the bottom of the desktop. Then I found some plastic pipe clamps at the local hardware store that match the bolt pattern on the desk legs to make vertical runs.

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