a gorgeous JERKER setup

Most colourful Jerker

spotted this a while ago, been thinking about it A LOT.

Other than the very lucky kitty, and that comfy looking chair (suitable for the KING of desks, it’s from Noble Chairs), there’s the obligatory beauty of that Ikea Jerker version 2 in Birch

But wait, other than the bright decor, this setup has some very nifty gear.

At the very top you’ve got the: IKEA “ALEX Add-on unit” Add-on unit, white, 47 1/4×3 7/8 ” (120×10 cm)

Under it the: IKEA “EKBY ALEX” Shelf with drawers, white, 46 7/8×11 3/8 ” (119×29 cm)

The main monitor is an ultrawide, probably a 34″, probably an LG (I know because I have two of them myself!)

And, there’s something that looks like a stream deck, just above the keyboard – I’d like to know what that is myself – as it looks too cool!

2 thoughts on “a gorgeous JERKER setup”

  1. Further to my previous comment… yeah, its an X Touch Mini, which is a MIDI controller to be used with a Digital Audio Workstation like Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase, etc… but looking at the screenshot – it looks like Adobe Lightroom is running, so I reckon the pots are mapped to colour levels, etc. So a “poor man’s” Loupedeck or Palette.

    This article https://petapixel.com/2019/01/26/using-a-midi-controller-with-lightroom-for-a-more-efficient-workflow/ demonstrates how you might configure it for that role.

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