Ikea Jerker Inspiration

Although the Ikea Jerker looks more like Mechano set, a kid’s toy made of reusable metal strips, plates, gears, nuts and bolts, I think of it more as LEGO.

Putting a set together is easy, taking it apart is easier, and it doesn’t break. Ikea Jerkers inspire creativity.

I really got going with Jerkers when I started seeing images like this one.

Inspirational Ikea  Jerker

It makes me want to take my desk apart and put it back together, slightly tweaked.

And buying new computer hardware is a good excuse to play with your Jerker!

Ikea Jerker - Triple Monitor Setup

Its fun to do, but you can go to far with it. For example this:

Crazy Ikea Jerker Setup

What’s the coolest Ikea Jerker setup you’ve seen?

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