Hunting for the GREAT WHITE Jerker

I’ve owned maybe a dozen Ikea Jerker desks in my life.

I’ve owned the Version 1 and the Version 2. Most of the Jerkers I’ve owned were with grey legs (some of the Version 1s had black legs). I’ve owned the long desk, the add on shelves, the printer shelves, wire accessories, and pretty much everything Ikea Jerker related.

I’ve owned the beech finish desktops and the birch finish desktops and even the black finish desktops (exclusive to Version 2). But there is one kind of Jerker desk I’ve never ever ever seen in real life.

And that is the WHITE finish Jerker.

Now honestly, I’m not even sure these actually exist.

The only evidence I have for these mysterious pale variants are a few grainy photos like these.

Here’s what looks like Ikea Jerker Version 2 in a White finish.

Ikea Jerker - Version 2 (White)

Here’s an Ikea Jerker Version 1 in a White finish.

Ikea Jerker Version 1 (White)

Are these legitamate variants?

Just look at this…

Ikea Jerker Version 2 (White)

it really looks like a real Ikea Jerker desk finish to me – not a paintjob on top of an existing finish.

Have you owned a Jerker in white?

If you have, I have a question for you.

Did it come that way from Ikea or did you paint it?

14 thoughts on “Hunting for the GREAT WHITE Jerker”

  1. Hi,

    Yes, the white ones truly did exist, and no, we didn’t need to paint them. We own two white Jerker Version 2 desks like the ones in your first picture. We bought them from the Seattle IKEA about 15-16 years ago. We’ve used them as standing and sitting desks.

    We’re about to move back to WA and are debating whether to bring them with us from CO. Our daughter has grown up with these desks and she doesn’t want to leave them behind, but they’re showing their age a little — the usual sorts of scratches and dings. If we did keep them, I’m wondering whether we could powder-coat the metal sides and somehow refinish the desktops. Since you seem to be a Jedi of all things Jerker, do you happen to know anything about that? Thanks!

    1. Hi Madeline,

      Really cool.

      My Jedi mind trick is working, you think I know all about Jerkers.

      Powder coating is an option for the metal (maybe after sanding or sandblasting).

      I had good experience with this company (in Port Moody, British Columbia) doubtless similar exist in Colorado (where I used to live and work):

      As for refinishing the desktops, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a real wood desktop made โ€“ perhaps using the old surface as a template โ€“ still a dream though.

  2. Hi, I own a Jerker v2 in white.
    To answer your question, it was manufactured that way by Ikea. It looks just like the ones in those pictures you posted.
    FYI Iยดm from Austria. Apparently/maybe Ikea Europe offers different variations than yours.

    So, yeah, the great white exists!!!

    Greets, Cyan

  3. I have a white version one and I it came that way. It has the gray legs.
    I’m looking to sell it if you’re interested.

    1. Thanks, but I’ve run out of room for Jerkers (what with a storage locker filled) bedrooms and living rooms and friend’s houses.

  4. I’m in Canada, and I purchased two of these desks about 12 years ago with the drawers. Still have them, like brand new. Love the design. Going to make a studio setup with the ones I have.

  5. If you’re having difficulty finding the Jerker in white, try searching for an Ikea Frederik. Very similar and all the Jerker accessories fit on it.
    Good luck Hunter!

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