Hide Your Computer Up In the Air on a Jerker

Computer, on an Ikea Jerker swivel-arm, hidden behind large monitor

Notice the computer hidden behind the large monitor on my Jerker workstation? That is a lot of good desk space saved with the additional use of monitor mounts.

This set-up leaves dirt on the ground, not in your computer. Your CPU will not collect dust bunnies when it is 5 feet up in the air.

The on/off button is also easy to click at eye-level. Moreover, adjusting a computer at head height on a swivel arm makes everything easy to see and manipulate.

Small Shuttle CPU on an Ikea Jerker swing arm

The only tricky thing is to make sure your monitor mounts pass underneath the swivel shelf support. The CPU’s weight is insignificant to a Jerker Desk, and it swings about easily on a swing arm shelf.
Un-used Ikea Jerker swing arm

You can hide some external USB hard drives behind the computer, but I leave mine clear.



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