Ikea Jerker desktops (dimensions)

Line art Ikea Jerker workstation types

Ikea Jerker Version 1 is a ¾” thick hexagon with two pull out arm rests.

Ikea Jerker Version 2 is a ¾” thick rectangle with a crescent cut out.

Ikea Jerker Version 1 is narrower and shallower (measuring 43 ⅜” wide x 29 ⅛” deep).

Ikea Jerker Version 2 is wider and deeper (measuring 47 ¼” wide x 35 ¼” deep).


8 thoughts on “Ikea Jerker desktops (dimensions)”

  1. Could someone please post the dimensions of the little angle support between the legs and the table top on version two of the Jerker.

    I Just bought one, and they brackets were missing.
    Even just an Accurate measurement of the length between holes would be wonderful, but a picture and dimensions would be awesome.

  2. I just found this site while searching for others who might have replaced the stock Jerker v2 top with a real wood one. Same size and shape, just real wood. The front edge of mine is starting to delaminate ever so slightly and thought it would be cool to have a nice replacement since IKEA probably no longer carries anything for it.

    1. How much did the replacement desktop cost? My otherwise pristine Jerker V2 top was fractured during a move because my asshat housemate didn’t properly pack and box a jack. So, I’m kinda wanting to see what I’m looking at concerning costs. Thanks.

      1. Hi Thea, as far as we know the desktop was never available from ikea as a single replacement item for sale (other than with the legs and braces and shelf). Your best bet at this point is to estimate based on the selling price of a used desk.

    2. Hi Brian,

      Funny thing, I am looking into doing almost the same thing but the difference is that I want to use the Jerker table and replace the top with a 1.71m x 1m x 4cm (excuse my metric) rubberwood top. But I’m afraid the top will weigh too much.
      So I was browsing this site to try and find out how much weigth a Jerker table can safely hold. And I do mean the regular table. I have the desk with the long legs as well but I can’t put a larger top on that one.
      But I can’t seem to find it. 🙁

  3. Are the dimensions of the cross sections of the vertical legs the same?

    (In other words, are the leg extensions interchangeable?)

    1. Yes, they’re identical. One of the few things that is completely interchangeable between the two desk (and the swing shelves).

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