De-Kipple your Jerker Desktop

Two adjustable LCDs on a Jerker Workstation

De-kipple your Jerker desk by using monitor mounts. Having my two monitors extended on adjustable mounts makes working with cables and adjustments easy. Simply swivel the monitor so the cables are out in the clear. After finishing, push them back into place.

BenQ EW2730 Desk Mounted to Jerker Workstation


My 27″ BenQ EW2730 is held aloft by a full motion desk mount monitor arm clamped to the back of the Jerker desktop. Slides up or down easily via a clamp at the back.




Clamping assist to Jerker Workstation

I had to use a piece of scrap 2×4 to tighten the arm as the clamping device is made for thicker desks than the 3/4″ Jerker desktop.




Acer X183H Swivel Arm Mounted to Jerker Workstation


My 19″ Acer X183H is mounted portrait style as a second monitor. To adjust vertically you have to take off the monitor, for safety, and remount the swivel arm on the vertical uprights with bolts.



Attaching swivel arm to Jerker vertical uprights with boltsHere you can see the two bolts that attach the swivel arm to the vertical uprights.

2 thoughts on “De-Kipple your Jerker Desktop”

  1. What brand mounts did you use, and did you have to drill them at all? If there’s one with mounting holes that already line up with the Jerker, I’d love to try that.


  2. The mount with the Acer X183H is a combination of a few sets of very generically named “Vista” mounts model number SMD-271 bought from a store called “Open Box” in Henderson Mall in Coquitlam, BC. They didn’t need to be drilled (but I drilled the a bit anyway) they fit nearly perfectly as is.

    The one clamped to the desk was bought used at a Value Village or some thrift shop – it has no brand name on it, sorry.

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