Are You an Ikea Jerker Sitter or Stander?

I get my exercise on my feet in front of my standing Ikea Jerker workstation, no treadmill yet, that would be just crazy. This is of course after I have two to four cups of enabling coffee in the morning while seated in front of my sitting Jerker desk depending how tired I am. I am an normal 5′ 10″ tall, so heights may vary.

Drawing of where to place bolts for a sitting Ikea Jerker desk

The bolt positions on my sitting Jerker workstation, counting from the bottom-most hole in the Jerker leg, are depicted to your right. Don’t forget to adjust your seat ergonomically. So the 19th leg holes from the bottom get bolts into the desktop, and the 16th leg hole gets one bolt into the short angled piece.

Drawing of where to place bolts for a standing Ikea Jerker desk

The bolt positions on my standing Jerker desk, counting from the bottom-most hole in the Jerker leg, are shown to the left. I advice standing on a floor mat to keep your feet happy. So my 70″ frame is happy with bolts in the 32nd leg holes from the bottom, and one bolt in the 29th hole for the angled strengthener..

Hide Your Computer Up In the Air on a Jerker

Computer, on an Ikea Jerker swivel-arm, hidden behind large monitor

Notice the computer hidden behind the large monitor on my Jerker workstation? That is a lot of good desk space saved with the additional use of monitor mounts.

This set-up leaves dirt on the ground, not in your computer. Your CPU will not collect dust bunnies when it is 5 feet up in the air.

The on/off button is also easy to click at eye-level. Moreover, adjusting a computer at head height on a swivel arm makes everything easy to see and manipulate.

Small Shuttle CPU on an Ikea Jerker swing arm

The only tricky thing is to make sure your monitor mounts pass underneath the swivel shelf support. The CPU’s weight is insignificant to a Jerker Desk, and it swings about easily on a swing arm shelf.
Un-used Ikea Jerker swing arm

You can hide some external USB hard drives behind the computer, but I leave mine clear.



De-Kipple your Jerker Desktop

Two adjustable LCDs on a Jerker Workstation

De-kipple your Jerker desk by using monitor mounts. Having my two monitors extended on adjustable mounts makes working with cables and adjustments easy. Simply swivel the monitor so the cables are out in the clear. After finishing, push them back into place.

BenQ EW2730 Desk Mounted to Jerker Workstation


My 27″ BenQ EW2730 is held aloft by a full motion desk mount monitor arm clamped to the back of the Jerker desktop. Slides up or down easily via a clamp at the back.




Clamping assist to Jerker Workstation

I had to use a piece of scrap 2×4 to tighten the arm as the clamping device is made for thicker desks than the 3/4″ Jerker desktop.




Acer X183H Swivel Arm Mounted to Jerker Workstation


My 19″ Acer X183H is mounted portrait style as a second monitor. To adjust vertically you have to take off the monitor, for safety, and remount the swivel arm on the vertical uprights with bolts.



Attaching swivel arm to Jerker vertical uprights with boltsHere you can see the two bolts that attach the swivel arm to the vertical uprights.