Ikea Jerker (version 2) desktop supporting braces DIMENSIONS

As requested– in this Craigslist ad, here are the dimensions for the two supporting steel desktop braces of the Ikea Jerker version 2:

Craigslist Ad - support

In both profile and flat view:

Ikea Jerker desktop supporting braces Dimensions

2 thoughts on “Ikea Jerker (version 2) desktop supporting braces DIMENSIONS”

  1. I was in a similar situation about 3 years ago when I bought a Jerker 2 for my then 12-year-old. All the parts — minus the braces and the bolts for them — were there. I built the desk without the braces and noticed that it shifted significantly downward with pressure applied to the front. It was not a problem — I thought — because my daughter at that time would not apply enough pressure to pose problems. Over time, though, the desktop has dropped a good inch or so on the front.

    I’ve been looking to buy these two braces for quite a while, but my searches come up empty. There does not appear to be a part number associated with them. The pictures in this post seem to be very helpful. But the truth is I’m still not sure what to do. Is there an modern-day alternative that will work? Is it possible — and affordable — to have a couple made (and by whom)?

    Thanks for the very helpful site.

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