Tale of the Tape, Old Ikea Jerker Legs Versus New

I would describe the main difference of the old version 1 Ikea Jerker legs compared to the new version 2 legs as a change to taller and skinnier. A good useful change in my opinion.

Image of an Ikea Jerker version one, shorter, deeper, and less bolt holes

A short 40 1/4″ tall version 1 Jerker leg has room for only 28 bolt holes. To get as tall as a newer version 2 Jerker you are going to have to use a few extension pieces.

Also notice the large back foot.
Ikea Jerker version 1 leg overlapping version 2 legImage a version 2 Jerker, 55 1/2" tall with 41 bolt holes






Overlapping version 1 and 2 Jerkers.







The 15″ taller version 2 Ikea Jerker. Many more bolt holes come with the increase in height, a 55 1/2″ tall version 2 Jerker leg can afford 41 holes for bolts.





As for the leaner depth of the newer Jerker version 2, I think it was a wise change. Even though the depth of the Jerker legs lost 2″ from older version 1 to version 2, the newer desk is more stable because of the long front part of the foot. The 18 1/2″ front foot protects you from the Ikea Jerker shelf toppling forward in anyway.


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