Ikea Jerker Version 2 Swing Shelves (Hinged Printer Shelves)

The Ikea Jerker, second generation, had a few optional extras.

The one I most often use, and the one of which I have the most, is what I call the “Swing Arm.” Actually though it is a kind of printer shelf, or accessory shelf, on a hinged arm that attaches to a leg of your Jerker. I use them to hold my printers, scanners, and other wonderful peripherals.

Ikea Jerker Hinged Printer Shelf Dimensions

For my own amusement, and for your edification, as you can see by the above image, I have measured every dimension of the handy and elegant accessory.

First, I measured the hinge of the “swing arm.” The hinge is 8.3cm tall and 6.7cm wide. The hinge is vertically symmetrical. Furthermore, though the thickness of the hinge is a mere 0.2cm, it is as sturdy as a rock (it is made of steel).

Next, I measured a board. The first thing I noticed was that the thickness of the board was only 1.6cm (as opposed to a standard Jerker desktop board, which is 2cms thick). In measuring the board’s length and width I at first thought it was just a plain 40cm square. But then, almost by accident, I discovered an inconsistency. I went on to measure all nine of the swing arms boards that I own. Of them, only five measured 40cm by 40cm. A full four of them were 39cm x 40cm). This oddity is inexplicable to me. Yet, when looking at the placement, I noted that whenever the dimensions were not 40 x 40, the 39cm dimension was always found to be parallel to the steel arm. Perhaps this size change accommodated some refinement that I have yet to discover?

Going on, I measured the distance between the two foremost bolts securing the board, they were 13.5cm apart. The distance from the third bolt (the one closest to the hinge) to the halfway point between the two center bolts was 22.5cm.

Moreover, the steel arm measures 30cm in length. The height of the top bolt is 2cm and the bottom bolts protrude 3cm from the bottom of the swing arm. Finally, the length of the whole board, arm, and hinge, sticking out from a leg is exactly 46.5cm.

You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Ikea Jerker Version 2 Swing Shelves (Hinged Printer Shelves)”

  1. We are trying to re-assemble a Jerker after a move and we’re having trouble with the swivel shelves. Specifically, we seem to be missing the screws.

    You wouldn’t happen to have the original manual so we can check, please?

  2. I have a photo of the cardboard instructions that came with a swivel shelf that I bought on Craigslist in original packaging. If it is any use to anyone I can send it along. Can’t find an email address for the site so let me know.

  3. Are the lateral extensions of both Jerkers mutually interchangeable? I mean, can I put those sideway shelves (e. g. printer shelf & telephone shelf), once separately sold for V1 of the Jerker, easily on a Jerker V2 and vice versa?

    I appreciate any help. Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. yes they are. The only difference is the height and the colour of the plastic connectors. 😀

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