A Jerker by Any Other Name Would Still Stand as Steady

“Jerker” has an odd etymology via Sweden of course. Apparently, it is a male given name formed from the name Erik, the ancient Swedish Ērīker and Norse Eirikr. The name has a fitting meaning of “always ruling” which is maybe why Ikea made the desk so well. The first king of Sweden about whom anything definite is known was Eric the Victorious

Eric the Victorious praying to Odin, from Wikipediawho gambled on marrying Sigrid the Haughty who was described as beautiful but vengeful. Eric the Victorious appears in a number of Norse sagas and ruled from 970 to 995. The last Swedish king named Eric was Eric XIV who was poisoned to death in 1577 while imprisoned in a castle.

There are around 2800 people with Jerker as a first name in Sweden. The name can also be spelled Järker which would make it difficult to spell with a good old American keyboard. I found four modern Jerkers famous enough for Wikipedia, Jerker Johansson, Jerker Porath, Jerker Lysell, and Jerker Rönnberg. And last but not least, “Jerker” was also one of the first plays to deal with AIDS, staged in 1986, which was later turned into a movie.

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