Are Ikea Jerkers Environmentally Friendly?

Today I stumbled upon some interesting facts about Ikea. Approximately one percent, in 2012, of all the world’s commercially processed wood was used by Ikea. But America does have Ikea beat as Home Depot and Lowe’s are number 1 and 2 of the world’s largest consumers of wood, with Ikea getting the bronze ahead of Walmart.

I don’t see this as particularly bad thing as I view particle board as being environmentally friendly, even with all that glue. This is echoed by

Particleboard is made from the scraps of other lumber products. This means that there is no waste when particleboard is manufactured, and no extra logging need be done to produce particleboard.

And if not particleboard, then what else should be used for furniture that is economical to transport, re-usable, and good? Plastic, steel or solid wood? Don’t forget solid wood warps easily.Edge views of hardboard, MDF, plywood, veneered particle board, plywood, MDF,

So what to do to be a good citizen of Earth?

  • Fix your Jerker desk when it breaks
  • Take your Jerker with you when you move
  • Repaint or stain your Jerker when it gets too ugly
  • Sell your desk on Craigslist when you are done with it
  • Give your Jerker to a kid, it is adjustable after all
  • Use your Jerker for storage especially the high upper shelves
  • Get two Jerkers, one for sitting when you are tired, and one for standing so you can humblebrag

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