Jerkers From the Good Old Days

Picture from within an Ikea store of a Jerker computer desk on sale for $129, circa 2003I’d by that for a dollar, or $129 to be precise.

I am not really sure how Ikea actually made money on the Jerker workstations. For what you get, it sure seems cheap. All that wood, steel and adjust-ability shipped in a nice box from Sweden, Poland or China.


Line are drawing of an Ikea Jerker version 2 workstation with printer stand and cpu holder

pdf_16x16 An Ikea Jerker flyer from 2003, US version 2, describing all the extra parts and prices. This basic set up, with a $10 swinging printer shelf and a $10 CPU holder, would have set you back $149 in 2003. There are some Jerker parts I didn’t even know existed in the flyer, a storage unit, drawers and a normal nonadjustable sit down desk.


4 thoughts on “Jerkers From the Good Old Days”

  1. Hi – just a heads up – I have all the jerker pieces in the ad 😉

    The storage unit is truly rare and I got it a s freebee when I bought a jerker full length desk off someone via Craigs list. Lucky me!

    Let me know if you want me to post some pics of the storage uni. Its awesome, just like a server rack !

  2. Hi Jack,

    That’s awesome. I too have a couple of the as storage units (photos still). They are cool, which is why I sought them out, but I don’t use them as much as I should.

  3. Any chance you have retro fitted your Jerker rack with casters? I have the rack and thought that casters would be a great addition.


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