the Ikea Jerker collection from the 2004 German Ikea Catalogue

Ikea Jerker collection from the 2004 German catalogue

Notice the printer shelf is “Neu!” (New!) for 2004.

And here it is fully kitted out from the same catalogue:

Ikea Jerker storage unit / printer shelf  in the 2004 German catalogue

4 thoughts on “the Ikea Jerker collection from the 2004 German Ikea Catalogue”

  1. I took a picture of a Jerker stand at a Pasadena, CA clothing shop and was hoping to find one. It must be the printer stand as shown in the German catalog. I wonder if those were ever available in the USA.

  2. Any idea what the actual Ikea name for this was? I saw one for sale on Craigslist in Maryland a few years ago but it had already sold when I called. Yesterday I was on hold on the phone and started poking around on Craigslist and eventually searched for Jerker to see what may be out there as I have a few Jerker desks already and I check for accessories (or even a great deal on another desk). Lo & behold I saw 2 of these for sale and I bought both of them last night. I wanted to show my coworker a picture but the ad is already down but after some Google-fu I found this post 🙂

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