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  1. Hey, great site :).

    I used to have a Jerker 2 and am looking to buy a few again for a certain project and had a question I thought you may be able to answer.

    I need the crescent shape at the back of the desk and the straight edge at the front. From what I remember I should be able to just screw the particle board desktop on that way right?

    What about the back “straight edge”, is it finished just like the front so it won’t look unfinished?



    1. Thanks Chris. Indeed, I’ve seen a few of those done, it absolutely should work. And yes, the back straight edge is finished.

      1. I have some of the Version 2 “swing shelves” in their original packaging, which includes the assembly instructions. Would you be interested in some pics of those instructions to include here?

          1. Did you get these? Im trying to attach the swing shelves after over 10 years in storage and struggling to figure it out. I have 3 different types of bolts, only 1 has nuts but the number I have doesnt make sense to me. Thanks! 🙂

          2. or even some photos of the mountings for the bracket to the desk on both sides of the vertical, and the shelf itself. Both sides please? Thanks.

  2. Hi there,
    Can anyone help?
    I have this desk (have had for years) – have just moved house and the inevitable has happened – lost all the bolts and the two brackets!!!!! Have searched high and low – no where.
    I now have the bolts but am missing the two brackets – can anyone tell me if I can obtain replacements from anywhere?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello!
    I’m in Canada, and I’m looking for Ikea Jerker bolts – will your store reopen soon?
    Hopefully all is well with you,
    All the best

    1. Hi Robert,

      Were hoping to be up as soon as possible, but we have no date currently.

      Keep checking the website!


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