Quick cable management for Ikea Jerker (Version 2) desks

A reader writes in with his own solution to cable management on the Ikea Jerker (Version 2) desks. Here are Cheruscii’s two beech beasts.

Both Desktops - Ikea Jerker (Version2)

His cable management solution employs wire shelves like those used in closets attached under the desktop. This allows quick additions, modifications, and subtractions disposable zip ties.

Undersides - Ikea Jerker (Version2)

Cheruscii also uses pipe clips on the legs to secure cables (but with only one bolt so as to make it easy to run new wires or remove old ones).

Pipe Clips - Ikea Jerker (Version2)


One thought on “Quick cable management for Ikea Jerker (Version 2) desks”

  1. I just picked up another beech desk that has the extra shelf with extensions, 2 swing shelves and a Jerker set of drawers. I see by the instructions that the drawers were meant for the printer stand or a longer Jerker desk that doesn’t have legs that extend above the desk surface. So ….. I need to find a way to mount this drawer unit. It’s too wide to fit under the desk top. I also picked up a birch Jerker this week for $25 so I have been thinking about cutting it up and modifying some way to either make my own printer stand or a side table that would put the drawer to my left. I figured I could cut down the birch top so it’s not so deep and chop the front leg extensions. Any ideas? I mean …. I have it so I have to use it!

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