Height extension hack

I don’t know why anybody hasn’t thought of this before! This height extension hack obviously requires some tools, maybe a drill, a grinder, a metal saw, and some metal (maybe this dude recycled the Ikea CPU Holder that nobody uses), maybe or maybe it’s just some spare metal the dude had lying around and a lick of paint – I’m not sure. But this is a technique we should all take note of for future Jerker projects, I mean just look at these pictures!

Ikea Jerker height extention hack


4 thoughts on “Height extension hack”

  1. this is fantastic! i have played with various hacks to use the two extensions I picked up from someone a while back but this will easily be the hack that hits my desk!

    also just want to tell you i have been lurking your site for years! i think i even bought some bolts from you a million years ago!

    thanks for running an INTEGRAL and uber functional website dedicated to the cult of jerkers!

    we have two in our home and there are days when i cruise craigslist that i consider buying more even though we are up to our gills in stuff already!

  2. Where were these pictures taken? There’s a Jerker for sale right now in Sarasota using these pictures.

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