Double sided Jerker

Too often these days a Jerker story starts with:

“I used to have a Jerker…. (or two Jerkers)” …. but then these stories typically trail off. Often they ending with some variation on why a wife had a husband get rid of it (or them).

Not so with James Harris’ wife! He writes in with these great pics of his double sided Jerker mod:

I’ve had the revered Jerker desk for ages now and had an idea to create a double desk as my wife had lost her work space when we had a child. When I saw an ad on Kijiji for a cheap partial Jerker desk I jumped on it. As my wife is short(5’4″) and I’m tall(6’2″) this configuration worked perfectly for us. I was able to install the second desktop below the original desktop and create a double decker work space. I installed the cross support bars from the 2 different desks back-to-back which enabled me to wedge my monitors in between them. This worked out great as I gained a ton a space by not having to put them on the shelf or on the swivel shelves. It also gave some privacy between the 2 spaces, so when we’re both working we’re not staring at each other. And as an added bonus it’s a handy spot to stick magnets. I have 2 Jerker swing arm shelves, one you can see in the picture, the other is installed underneath to get my subwoofer off the ground. For stability I installed the second set of legs the opposite direction. I purchased some 3″ bolts to then hold them all together.

Double Sided Jerker

Double Sided Jerker

4 thoughts on “Double sided Jerker”

  1. OMG! That is so cool! My wife and I use a Jerker each, and we also have a spare in storage. Now I know what to do with the metal support bar thing. Genius!

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it. Took me quite a bit of trial and error and playing with layout ideas in my head to arrive at a functional desk with this one.

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