A Swinging Laptop Shelf for Your Jerker

Side view of a laptop and USB hard drive on an Ikea Jerker swing shelfLaptop stands are so passé, there I said it. They take up valuable desk space, are hard to adjust, and cost way too much. When you use a laptop on a Ikea Jerker you want to make sure that the screen is at an ergonomic height so you won’t develop a dowager’s hump. My eyes line up with the top of the LCD screen when I set down in front of my laptop.
Top down view of laptop on swinging Ikea Jerker shelf, with keyboard and mouse underneath

Here you can see the devices sharing the same footprint. The laptop, keyboard and mouse can all move independently without interfering with each other.


45 degree angle view of a laptop on an Ikea Jerker swing shelf

You of course cannot type on your laptop without great difficulty so you do need a secondary keyboard. Power bars, USB hard drives, and joysticks can be hidden behind the laptop.

2 thoughts on “A Swinging Laptop Shelf for Your Jerker”

  1. Where are you getting this swinging shelf? Is this a discontinued Jerker piece or something you’ve hacked in?

    I’m getting a version 2 this weekend and plan to stop at Ikea on the way home and having a shopping list of potential hacks would be lovely

    1. I get my spare Jerker parts mainly from Craigslist, usually searching via ‘gallery’ mode for ‘Jerker|Ikea’, which searches for ‘Jerker’ or ‘Ikea’.

      Or even better, get Sage for Firefox and click on the yellow RSS icon in the lower right hand side of the Craigslist screen. Then when Sage’s leaf icon has a fruit in it you click on the icon to see if it is worth reading more. Sage is the nicest RSS reader in my opinion.

      And be sure to click on the ‘[x]’ in the Craigslist ads so that they get marked as read so you don’t have to see them again.

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