Electrify Your Ikea Jerker with Power Bars

You should use power bars with circuit breakers, not just plain ordinary Side view of an Ikea Jerker with two screws to mount an electric power bar toextension cords, on your Ikea Jerker workstation to protect your computer equipment in case of an overload or a short circuit. But where to put the power bar? On the right hand side, if you are right handed, of course. Here are the two screws that will hold the power bar onto the Jerker. If you don’t get the exact distance between the mounting screws it can be difficult to mount it. Also the tighter the screws are the tighter the power bar holds on.

White power bar attached to right hand side of an Ikea Jerker

Here is the first power bar attached. It will power the second power bar as seen later below. This way you have access to power right at your finger tips if need be as only one plug in will be used. This is the power bar that turns everything on and off on the Jerker.

Power bar suspended at the back and underneath the Jerker shelf

Here is the second power bar way up above the desktop at the back. There are two metal 3/4″ hanging brackets holding up the second power bar. This power bar never gets turned off, it is where everything is plugged into. The first power bar controls this one.

Power bar hidden underneath an Ikea Jerker shelf behind two monitors

By powering the monitors, the CPU, and the USB hub with the second power bar we keep all the power cords out of the way behind the monitors at the back of the Jerker. The two brackets are also used to wrap the electrical cords around so they don’t droop down to the desktop cluttering up everything.

White metallic six inch hanging plant bracket

Here is a similar six inch metal hanging bracket. I didn’t mount the second power bar directly beneath the shelf because I don’t want any heavy transformers falling on my Jerker.

Steen's Ikea Jerker workstation set up with everything plugged inA side view of the complete set-up, which has five unused electrical sockets at the front. There is lots of space for iPads, iPods, cameras, and phones. Only the keyboard and the SlimBlade Trackball cords grace the desktop. I use the trackball to fight elbow pain from throttling mice. The trackball forces you to have a light touch because you cannot hold the ball rigidly like you can with a mouse when maneuvering.

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