Quick & Safe Jerker Assembling

Here’s how to assemble a used Jerker quickly and safely in 12 easy steps. Do not tighten the bolts until all pieces are in the correct position as there needs to be some looseness for adjustments and adding components. Generally leave about 1/8″ of thread showing on the bolts, leaving you a slightly wobbly desk until finished. If you tighten the bolts all the way then it is virtually impossible to manipulate the parts.

step_a_legs_and_shelfStep 1, put the legs and desktop down on the ground so they won’t have far to fall if you slip. I should have put down cardboard to protect the floor from damage.




Step 2, start with the back bolt eleven holes down on both sides. This will fit somebody around 5′ 9″ tall. Thread both legs, leaving both bolts slightly loose. The leg holes are spaced 1 1/4″ vertically.



Step 3, swivel the desktop up in the air to enable the front bolts to be threaded in on each side of the legs. Do not let go until a bolt has been threaded into the desktop.




Step 4, attach front bolts on both sides as in the picture.






Step 5, flip up the desk to a proper standing position and make sure the height is correct for sitting or standing as in this case.


elbow height


Step 6, if the desktop is at the wrong height because the user’s elbow is not comfortably above the desktop when using the keyboard, then lay down desk as in step 4, and move the bolts on the legs up or down one leg at a time.



Step 7, attach the strengthener high enough for your vacuum cleaner to go under to if you are one of those clean types. Remember to leave the bolts slightly loose until the end. The strengthener is needed to hold the Jerker rigid and stop side to side swaying. A shelf can aid but not supplant a strengthener.




Your Jerker should look like this. Now to add the two small 6″ x 1″ rounded metal side supports for bracing the front of the desktop.




Step 8, attach the 6″ metal bars onto the leg first, a large bolt goes through the leg and then threads into the small metal bar without a nut. Make sure the support rotates up to the desktop to accept another bolt.




Step 9, now secure the 6″ metal bars onto the desktop surface with a short bolt into the desktop’s side.



Step 10, tighten all bolts so every Jerker piece is completely rigid.


Step 11, if your Jerker is on a hardwood floor use some flooring protectors to stop scuffs and scratches.



Step 12, the common way of testing Jerker sturdiness is to have two people jump up and sit on the desktop. 400 pounds is what I aim for.

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